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Cash for Gold?
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Cash for Gold

Cash for Gold?

It is no secret that gold prices have been rising over the last few years. In fact, precious metals, such as gold, silver and platinum, are worth more now than they have been for decades.

As the economy continues to stagnate, chances are that you could use the extra cash that selling some gold could provide.

Is It Safe to Send My Gold to Silver and Gold Exchange?

It is understandable to be wary the first time you sell your gold. There are a lot of buyers online and in your community, finding the company that will give you the best price can be difficult. (Where to Sell Gold)

Silver and Gold Exchange uses an unbiased, third party testing facility to evaluate the worth of your item. We are also accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A Rating and have never had a single complaint.

In fact, we started our Silver and Gold Exchange to provide an alternative for people looking to sell their precious metals, maintaining high standards of integrity.

How Much Will I Get for My Gold?

Gold prices fluctuate and it can be difficult to pin down an exact amount before you send your gold in to be evaluated; however, our unique system will guarantee that you receive fair compensation.

One way to tell how much you will get is to use the Live Price Chart. This detailed chart lists up-to-the-minute prices for gold, silver and platinum, as well as the prices for coins, bullion and bars.

“My experiences with the Silver and Gold Exchange have been completely positive. I have used other Gold/Silver buyers – and have repeatedly felt ripped off. The Silver and Gold Exchange have been accurate and fair with weighs/prices. Their communications have been quick and helpful. I have tried 2 of their payment options, (Bank check and Amazon gift card), both arrived quickly and with no hassles. I will definitely use the Silver and Gold Exchange for future transactions, and would consider no other service. Thank You Again.” – Elizabeth B, Morris County, NJ

Many other cash for gold companies only give their prices for 10 ounces at a time, far more than most people are selling, and then add extra fees. They end up paying far less than they list.

Instead, we list prices per gram, per pennyweight, per troy ounce and per avoirdupois (postage scale) ounce. There are never any additional fees.

The price listed is the price we pay.

If you would like to sell your gold, fill in the Ready to Sell form to receive your packing slip. After that, all it takes is a trip to the post office to get cash for gold.

Find out the current rates to sell gold.