Cash for Silver

Cash for Silver

How can I get Cash for Silver?

By now, everyone knows that they can sell their gold for cash, however, many people are unaware that they can also get cash for silver.

This is most likely because many gold buyers have little or no interest in buying silver. They seem to consider it a hassle and may frown upon it due to there tending to be a lower profit margin.

However, the decision to sell silver for cash can result in quite a bit more money than most people realize. There can be a hidden fortune in collections of silver coins or silver bullion. An unused sterling silver flatware set or sterling silver tea set could be worth thousands of dollars, depending on the weight. Many people have jewelry boxes full of unwanted silver jewelry that could also be turned into cash. Some silver bars are large enough and heavy enough to be worth $1000, $2000 or more!

Silver Purity

The purity of silver is one of the determining factors that would decide the amount of cash one would receive. Silverware stamped with the word “Sterling” is 925/1000 pure and is worth more than silver marked “800″ which would be 80% pure. US dimes, quarters, and half dollars produced before 1965 are 90% pure, but because they are recognizable and desirable, fetch more than the “scrap” or “melt” value. Some silver coins, such as the American Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf, and Chinese Panda are 999/1000 or more pure and command a premium.

Unfortunately, silver plated items usually cannot be sold for cash because the actual silver content is miniscule.

At the Silver and Gold Exchange, we specialize in silver. Some of us got our start in precious metals by being antiques dealers that dealt in sterling silver. The “antique” or “collectible” value of sterling silver flatware and holloware diminished, partly because today people are not interested in the formal dining and entertaining that had a place for silver and younger generations do not have an appreciation for silver objects of art. However, the precious metal value of silver is strong, and silver will always have a place in our hearts.

We are always available to assist you in identifying and determining the value of your silver and will be happy to pay cash for silver that you wish to sell.

When you are ready to sell your silver for cash, visit the Ready to Sell page to get started with the simple, no obligation process.

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