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Cash for Silver

How can I get Cash for Silver?

Prices for silver are at the highest peak of all time. There has never been a better time to get cash for silver.

Silver and Gold Exchange can make it easy for you to sell unwanted or broken silver pieces of little or no value to you and turn them cash.

If you feel uneasy about the process, as many do, we always provide a hassle free, straightforward process from the beginning to the completion of your transaction.

What Type of Silver Do You Buy?

We purchase anything made up of at least 80% silver content; including, but is not limited to, sterling flatware, coins, jewelry, bullion, 800 silver and coin. We also buy Sterling Hollowware, which is inclusive of trays, platters, figurines, salt and pepper shakers, goblets, and more.

Items that are not sellable are silver-plated items. If you are unsure if your items are in fact sterling or have any questions, you are encouraged to call us at 1-800-266-9395 before sending us your items. One of our representatives will happily assist with determining if your items are sterling.

Visit our What We Buy page for complete listings of what we’ll purchase.

How Much Cash for Silver Can I Get?

Our Live Price Chart, updated every 30 minutes, will accurately reflect the current price for precious metals, including Silver, Silver Coins and Bullion.

The chart shows what each metal is worth per Gram, Pennyweight, Troy Ounce, or per Avoirdupois, and is the actual amount the seller could obtain, since no minimums are required and no fees are deducted. The chart can be a good estimation of what to expect, but with ever changing market fluctuations, the actual amount you receive may be different from what you see listed.

We do business with the seller’s best interests in mind, making sure that the very best price is obtained during the process.

I just wanted to say “thank you” for your professionalism, quick responses and high payouts. Silver and Gold Exchange is a safe and easy option for those looking to turn any unwanted or broken gold, silver, or platinum items into cash. I would highly recommend your company to anyone. Your service is awesome! – Yolanda O., Nashville, TN

If uncertain, clients are encouraged to view the A rating that The Silver and Gold Exchange has earned with the Better Business Bureau. We are proud that we have never received a single complaint since opening in 2007.

When you are ready to sell your silver for cash, visit the Ready to Sell page to get started with the simple, no obligation process.

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