Chinese Panda Coins

Chinese Panda Coins

The Panda coins were officially released in 1983, the first Proof quality silver Panda coins of its’ kind.

More minted coins followed in 1984 and 1985. With a metal content of .900 fine silver, no more than 10,000 coins produced each of those years.

Chinese Panda Coins have been minted in silver, gold (referred to as Panda Gold), Platinum, Bimetallic, ColoredPanda’s, Paladium and of course Commemorative Panda’s. According to the People’s Republic of China, the minted coin denominations and sizes are changed yearly.

In the later part of the 1980′s, more brilliant and uncirculated Panda coins were issued. The design, changing each year, were treasured and new collectors from around the world began searching for these extremely beautiful silver coins.

By 1997, a bulk of 50,000 uncirculated coins were produced with Proof totaling 80,000, including the Panda’s with a gold insert. And in 1998, the bulk amount had increased to 100,000 (Proof unknown). By 2010, the coins produced had increased to 1,500,000, no Proofs. The following year the mintage totaled 6,000,000, but originally it was set to be 3,000,000.

In 2007, a new silver dollar coin was introduced to add to the collection. The coin was 40 mm in diameter, or the size of a regular silver dollar.

Present day, we have many valuable coins on the market to trade because of their metal, yet nothing quite like the Panda coins. When searching to buy Panda coins, research the weight, metal content, mintage and how to identify the fake coins.

The US minted coins have distinct mintmarks, yet the Chinese mintmarks are not generally stamped. It is nearly impossible to determine the origin of the Panda coins unless you are familiar with minor variations of certain coinage years to look for, like font date sizes or the temple on the obverse side of the coin.

Also, on the obverse side, the words, People’s Republic of China is written in Chinese characters. On the reverse side, it’s the great pose of a Panda bear. Only in two instances, the same design of the Panda was use, in the years of 2001 / 2002. Of those two years a total of 500,000 per year of Uncirculated coins were minted and 95,000 of them were Domestic and overseas (Proof unknown).

Last year(2012) and now (2013), the total bulk of uncirculated mintage of the Panda coins are 8,000,000, no Proofs.

The China Gold Coin Corporation (CGCC) is the official distributor for the silver and the gold coins in China. However, in 1982 Panda America, began there journey in becoming, an official distributor the United States.

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