Collecting Silver Coins on a Budget

Collecting Silver Coins on a Budget

Coin collecting isn’t a pastime only enjoyed by the wealthy and can be enjoyed by anyone, even someone who is starting a coin collection on a tight budget.

If you’re considering of starting your collection off with silver coins, you are set in the right direction, especially with the value of silver constantly rising.


Silver Coin Collection, One at a Time

Selling Silver Coins?
Silver coins can be surprisingly inexpensive if you buy in small amounts over a period of time. When purchasing rolls of silver coins, it can be expensive; but, you can find American silver coins for as little as a $1 or $2 each, especially the small silver dimes.

At flea markets, swap meets, and coin collection shows, you’ll find silver dollar coins as low as $18, and half dollars around $8.

When you’re starting your coin collection on a limited budget, you may not be able to afford the higher grade coins. Save that shopping for a later date when your collection is more substantial.

Foreign Silver Coins

When looking for silver coins to add to your collection, also keep a watch for foreign coins with silver content. These are often less expensive than American coins since many don’t know the collector value of such coins.

Online Silver Coins

Search online for junk coins dated pre-1965 since many of these have silver content. Also, online you may find collectors who need to get sell a few coins on auction sites like eBay or even on Craigslist.

Coin Collectors

Coin collectors will often price silver coins higher, but they are retailers and they need to sell with profit in mind. Periodically, a coin dealer will put coins on sale or offer coins at a better-than-average price.

Get to know your local coin dealers to purchase their silver junk coins when they are selling some of their lower quality coins.

Yard Sales

Yard sales are often a great place to pick up old coin collections or silver coins inexpensively. Often, the owners don’t know what they have and will sell coins they found or were given for less than the value.

Silver and Gold Shops

Similar to Coin Collectors, silver coin may be priced higher; however, keep a watch for sales since you can sometimes pick up a few coins for a good price. Make a visit to these stores every once in a while to see what’s available.

Socialize Your Silver Coin Search

Let everyone know you collect silver junk coins. Announce it on Facebook, tell your friends and your family. You’ll be surprised at how you can get so many people to help you with your search.

By on January 13th, 2013