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educationThe Silver and Gold Exchange was founded in 2007 after experiencing gold and silver buying companies who used deceptive practices to profit unfairly from silver and gold sellers. Our business model was based on countering the problems we notices in the buying and selling of precious metals. Read more: Beware the Buyer: Gold and Silver Purchasing Scams

Today, numerous companies advertise on various forms of media: online, radio, television, even during the Superbowl! However, finding a reputable silver and gold buyer who will provide top prices for your precious metals, offer transparent pricing, and zero complaints and an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau can be challenging.

Also, you may find you require a long term relationship with your silver and gold buyer, trust and the confidence of being treated fairly and with respect is important.

As a service to the public, we offer

If you think of any other information we can provide in order to help you understand all there is to know about Silver and Gold, please contact us.

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