Gorham Sterling Silver

Gorham Sterling Silver

One of the most prominent silver pieces to collect is Gorham Sterling Silver. For collectors, Gorham Sterling Silver provides real pride to its owner especially when well-kept and maintained. Aside from that, Gorham Sterling Silver is also one of the most profitable investments among the silver buyers and sellers.

For those who are not very familiar with Gorham Sterling Silver or who are curious about these valuable pieces, here’s some information to get you started.

Gorham silver is a well-known American flatware producer. The company dates back to 1831 when it was founded by Jabez Gorham and continued to flourish under the founder’s son John Gorham. Among the famous pieces of Gorham Sterling Silver is the set Mary Todd Lincoln bought which was used as silverware and flatware in the White House during the mid-1800s.

Another popular Gorham sterling silver is the Century Vase that contained more than 2,000 ounces of sterling silver made in 1875. Of course, discussion about Gorham sterling silver should include the Chantilly pattern, designed by famous Gorham designer William Codman in 1895.

Perhaps aside from the beautiful and elegant designs, what makes Gorham Sterling Silver products even more fascinating are the marks and date codes of the Gorham pieces. Collectors and enthusiasts alike look for the Gorham sterling silver and examine their dates.

Gorham Sterling Silver pieces are marked based on the year they are manufactured. The earlier pieces contain marks of the name of the founder and his partner (Gorham and Webster), founder and son (Gorham and son), and another partner (Gorham and Thurber). Later on, symbols similar but do not bear the same meanings as English silver were used like anchor, lion and the letter G. Starting in the 1940s, geometric shapes (square for 1940s, pentagon for ‘50s and so on) were also used to determine the decade the silver were produced.

Sterling silver is particularly valuable as it contains 925/1000 silver. If you own a Gorham sterling silver, you surely are fortunate to have high quality and rare pieces in your possession.

By on November 8th, 2011