History of the Mexican Peso Gold Coins

Mexican Peso Gold Coins

Mexican Peso gold coins have a unique history. The currency’s history and value make them a simple gold bullion investment. From 1810 to 1921, Mexico and Spain were locked in a bitter battle for Mexico’s independence. This war is known as the Mexican War of Independence.

In 1821, Mexico was finally able to win their independence from Spanish colonial rule.

Currency After the Mexican War of Independence

Despite winning their independence from Spain in 1821, Mexico continued to use the currency system that had been implemented by Spanish reign. In fact, the currency that had been used before the war ended continued to be used for 100 years after Mexico won their independence.

Centennial Celebration of Mexico’s Independence

When Mexico decided to change their currency system, officials wanted to make the currency memorable, and they wanted to pay tribute to their history as well. In 1921, the Mexican peso was minted to commemorate Mexico’s 10 years of independence. When the coins were created particular interest was taken to pay tribute to the long and hard fought battle that earned the South American country their independence from Spanish control.

Mexican 50 Gold Peso Coin

  • During and shortly after the Mexican War of Independence, the angel became a symbol of hope and pride for Mexican people. In order to permanently recognize the angel as something that helped the Mexican people make it through this difficult time, the angel was engraved on the 50 gold peso coin. The reverse side of the coin featured Mexico’s original coat of arms.

Mexican 20 Gold Peso Coin

  • The Mexican 20 gold peso coin featured an updated version of Mexico’s coat of arms.

Mexican 10 and 5 Peso Gold Coins

  • Miguel Hidalgo, a Mexican revolutionary leader and priest, is credited for ending the war of independence between Spain and Mexico. For his efforts, Hidalgo is featured on both the 10 and 5 Mexican gold peso.

New Mexican Pesos

  • In 1993, the Mexican government introduced the nuevo peso, which literally means new peso. The transition between the new and old pesos was conducted between 1993 and 1996. Eventually, the new peso was just called peso, and all old currency was eliminated from circulation.

Since it is rich in history and extremely affordable to buy, Mexico gold pesos are extremely good monetary investments.

By on January 31st, 2013