How To Sell Gold Coins

How To Sell Gold Coins

How Do I Sell My Gold Coins?

The point in collecting or saving gold coins is that some day, you will want to sell them or at least exchange them for something you need more at the time.

Selling gold coins does not have to be difficult or scary in any way. Today, with the convenience of the internet, you cannot only find out where to sell gold coins, but you can also compare the prices that dealers pay and consult the Better Business Bureau online to make sure that the gold coin buyer you choose has a good rating and does not have any complaints.

The first step is determining exactly what you have and which coins you would like to sell. There are many books and websites that can assist in identifying gold coins. A reputable dealer can also assist you in determining exactly what you have.

Once you are clear on exactly what gold pieces you have, you can then peruse various exchange websites and compete their pricing. If you come across a dealer that does not publish their pricing live on their site, skip them and go on to the next.

Next, be sure that the prices published do not have any restrictions as far as minimums. There are some well know, nationwide dealers that offer a “buy price” per coin, but the small print (or wording buried in their terms and conditions) state that the published pricing is only applicable for amounts of $10,000 or greater! Stay away from those guys as well!

Finally, search for the business of the Better Business Bureau website ( Look for an A or A+ rating. Lastly, see how many complaints have been filed and how many were resolved to the customers satisfaction. Ideally, choose a company with zero complaints.

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These pieces of information will help you not only today but also in the future when you need to sell other items aside from your gold coin collection.

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