How to Sell Silver Dollars

How to sell silver dollars

If you collect silver dollars and are thinking of selling a few pieces, this is the perfect time to sell.

The industrial demand for silver has increased its value over the last decade. Previously, silver was mainly used for jewelry and tableware; whereas today, silver is being used in electrical supplies, cleaning supplies, equipment, the medical industry, and much more.

What is the value of your silver dollars?

Selling Silver Dollars?
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It’s important to know the estimated value of your silver dollar collection, including the type and the the date it was minted. This will help you identify and set aside the most valuable silver dollars in your collection.

A good place to start when researching the value is by searching online. There are many sites that will list the current market value of each silver dollar.

To date, there are eight issues of the American silver dollar:

  • The Flowing Hair (1794-1795)
  • Drape Bust Small Eagle (1795-1798)
  • Draped Bust Large Eagle (1798-1804)
  • Seated Liberty (1836–1873)
  • Trade Silver Dollars (1873–1885)
  • Morgan Silver Dollars (1878–1904; 1921)
  • Peace Silver Dollars (1921–1935)

Knowing the value of your silver dollar collection will help you determine fair price when you’re ready to sell.

Storing and Cleaning Silver Dollars

Store your silver coins in a dry place and clean with a soft cloth to keep them dust free.

Also, avoid attempting to correct any scratches or dents on your coins or applying any cleaning/polishing chemicals since some agents may harm or damage your coins.

Where to sell silver dollars

There are many coin dealers and silver buyers, finding one you trust can be difficult.

If you are selling for the first time, it’s natural to feel cautious about selling your silver dollars and any other silver or gold valuables.

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