Sell Antique Silver

Selling Antique Silver?
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Sell Antique Silver

Silver antiques are one of the most common collections for people who collect rare and precious metals.

In the last decade, the value of silver has increased dramatically and many have started selling antique silver for profit.

If there was a good time to sell silver antiques, it would be now.

According to experts, silver antiques are more concentrated. Silver was once more abundant and, at one time, there were no laws governing mining or making jewelry and utensils out of silver.

How do you sell silver antiques? Here are some important tips to make sure that you sell antique silver.

Take care of your silver

It’s important care for your antique silver, even if you aren’t planning on selling in the near future. You never know when the time will come when you will decide to sell any collected silver.

Since oxidation will tarnish your good silver, below are some tips on how to keep your silver in good condition:

  • Polish your silver regularly with a polishing cloth
  • Store your antique silver in a good storage.
  • Avoid storing or displaying silver in a damp, moist area.

Also, do not use toothpaste or a toothbrush to clean your silver, it will scratch the surface and lessen the value.

Silver antiques that have been cared for will often sell quicker and at a higher price.

Antique Silver Jewelry

If you have antique silver jewelry, invest in a good quality tarnish-free jewelry box that will help keep your silver sparkling and blemish free.

Some jewelry experts recommend avoiding commercially prepared solutions for cleaning silver. These products may clean your silver antiques, constant use may change the natural color of your silver.

Know the Value of your Antique Silver

Before you sell antique silver, its best to first research the value on each piece.

Estimated value for pieces can be found by researching online or having the item(s) appraised. If you decide to have your antique silver appraised, its recommended to avoid making any reference to selling any of your items.

Where to sell Antique Silver?

This probably the most important factor to consider prior to selling antique silver.

Before selecting a buyer, ask friends and relatives to find out if they have sold any antique silver, who they used, and their experiences. This may help with the decision process of the company to use, or not use.

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