Sell Gold Eagle Coins

Sell Gold Eagle Coins

The Gold Eagle Coin has been very popular with coin collectors since its release in 1986. It’s one of the best selling gold coins in the United States and in some parts of the world.

The Gold Eagle Coin was made in four different weights and gold content: one ounce ($50 face value), half-ounce ($25 face value), quarter ounce ($10 face value) and one tenth ounce ($5 face value).

For first time Gold Eagle coin collectors the face values of these coins are not their actual value in the market. They are valued according to their actual gold content plus small amount of alloy

Those who sell gold eagle coins appreciate that the coin’s design has been regarded as one of the most intricate designs ever made in a gold coin. Augustus Saint-Gauden’s Liberty design, first used in 1907, decorates the obverse, or front side, of the coin. On the reverse side is an American eagle carrying an olive branch and flying above a nest of a female eagle and her hatchlings.

Selling Gold Eagle Coins

Gold Eagle Coins are considered as collector’s items and should be properly cared for since the price will be affected by the condition of the coin.

Avoid storing coins in a damp or moist place. It could damage its general appearance including the color. When cleaning the coins, use only soft, dry cloth. Also, avoid using cleaning chemicals since many cleaning solutions will do more harm than good to your coins.

If you are a collector, try using specially designed boxes to store your coins.

The advantage of Gold Eagle coins is that they can sell at a good price, regardless of condition. Similar to it’s Silver Eagle contemporary, it’s valued according to the precious metal content (made with 22 karat gold).

Where to sell Gold Eagle coins

If looking to sell Gold Eagle coins and earning good profit, this is a good time. Although the economy has stabilized, the price of gold in the market is still high. This is why a lot of gold and silver coin collectors are opting to sell their collections. However, since you are selling a collector item, make sure that you exercise precaution to avoid being scammed by fraudulent buyers.

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