Sell Gold Jewelry

Sell Gold Jewelry

Some buy gold jewelry because they love collecting and wearing them. Others buy gold jewelry with a plan to sell them in the future. And some gold jewelry is inherited or given as a gift from friends and loved ones.

If you decided to sell some of your gold jewelry, now is the best time because of the current price of gold in the market.

Value of Gold Jewelry

If you bought your gold jewelry years ago, compare purchase price to the current value. Chances are your gold jewelry will sell at a higher rate.

Also, before you can sell gold jewelry at the best price, find out more about the pieces by doing research online.

It is already a US standard, as well as in the UK, to put a stamp on all jewelry sold for the convenience of buyers. This stamp will display the karat or the amount of gold that is in your jewelry.

24k is the highest gold value; 8k is the lowest gold value in a jewelry, but still considered genuine gold.

Where to sell gold jewelry

The gold market buyers are plenty and it can be difficult to determine where to start.

Research and ask around for reputable and honest dealers. Avoid showing all your gold pieces and asking for rates. Chances are you may not get a good price, or you may be deceived into a deal that may not work to your favor.


” I was very skeptical of using any of these companies but Silver & Gold Exchange surprised me. I’d never sold my jewelry before, pawn shops are intimidating and the reviews online of some of the companies I’ve seen on TV were off putting. When I found Silver & Gold Exchange the reviews were great but it was still the unknown. What I was most pleasantly surprised with was their courtesy and that they don’t bargain. You know what they pay up front and the payout was quick with the option of a check or PayPal. If I’m ever in the market to sell more jewelry I will use Silver & Gold Exchange again.” – Karen M., Lincoln, NE


Silver and Gold Exchange is a reputable dealer with an untarnished reputation since it was established years ago. We offer fair rates for gold jewelry and other precious metals, higher than most dealers are willing to pay.

You can be assured that you will only be dealing with professionals who will fairly assess your gold jewelry. We understand your needs to sell gold jewelry and will help you make it easy, fun and profitable.

Gold is very valuable today. Know the value of your jewelry, and find an honest, professional dealer like Silver and Gold Exchange.

When you are ready to sell gold jewelry just make sure to follow the tips above and you will never go wrong.

Find out the current rates to sell gold.