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If you are looking to sell gold, now is the time to do it! Precious metals have never been worth more than they are right now.

There are many companies offering cash payments for gold, making the decision difficult when deciding which company you want to entrust your valuables.

Unlike other ‘cash for gold’ companies, Silver and Gold Exchange uses an objective, impartial third party lab to evaluate the gold. We make sure you, the seller, receive an unbiased assessment and provide you with the most money for your gold.

Rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau, we are proud to share that we have no complaints and a blemish-free report. We encourage all sellers to review our BBB Report.

How much money can I get for my gold?

Our team at Silver and Gold Exchange has made it easy for potential sellers to assess the value their gold. With our Live Price Chart, updated every half hour, we make it easy to compare the most up-to-date prices of precious metals.

“From beginning to end my experience with Silver and Gold Exchange was top notch. This was a convenient, fast and safe way to sell gold jewelry that I wasn’t wearing anymore. I wasn’t sure how to go about selling my gold, I knew people were getting top dollar these days but I wanted to be sure I was getting the best price I could with no risk. I couldn’t be happier. Complete with a BBB seal of approval I feel completely confident recommending them to my friends and family and will use them again in the future.” – Sarah P, Chaska, MN

How do I sell gold to the Silver and Gold Exchange?

We offer a no-obligation process:

  • Your gold is sent directly to the unbiased testing lab; then, your offer will be sent to your email within 24 hours of receiving the items.
  • You can accept or decline the offer. Accepting it means you will receive an instant payment by PayPal; or you can have a check mailed to you.
  • Should you decline the offer, you can arrange to have your items sent back to you.

For detailed instructions for how to sell your gold, visit the How It Works page.

Head on over to the Ready to Sell page to get the process started!

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