Sell Junk Silver Coins

Sell Junk Silver Coins

When it comes to precious metals, like silver and gold, there is no such thing as junk. No matter what state they are in, these precious metals, particularly silver, are still very valuable.

If you have old silver coins that you’d like to sell, two common questions are, “how do you sell junk silver coins for a fair price?”, and more importantly, “where to sell junk silver coins?”

What are junk silver coins?

The term “junk silver coins” is used for silver coins that have no value in the coin collector’s perspective. But, silver is always worth something. A coin may be considered junk to collectors because it’s deformed, the color has changed, or it has been damaged by chemicals, etc.

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What is the value of junk silver coins?

Selling Silver Coins?
If you are considering selling silver coins in your collection, knowing their value is the next step. Quickest, and possibly the easiest, method to determine the value of silver coins is by searching online.

To estimate the value of your silver coin(s), first determine the silver weight content of the coin. The weight can be found on various websites that sell junk silver coins. Then, multiply this by the current spot price of silver in the market.

Below is a list of some of the coins minted in the US with their silver content:

  • 1878 Morgan Half Dollar (90%)
  • 1916 Mercury Dime (90%)
  • 1916 Walking Liberty Half Dollar (90%)
  • 1921 Peace Dollar (90%)
  • 1932 Washington Quarter (90%)
  • 1942 War Nickel (35%)
  • 1948 Franklin Half Dollar (90%)
  • 1949 Roosevelt Dime (90%)
  • 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar (90%)
  • 1965 Kennedy Half Dollar (40%)
  • 1971 Ike Dollar (40%)

Where to sell junk silver coins?

There are many choices when it comes to selling junk coins, both online and locally. However, each company is unique in how they appraise silver coins and their buy and sell process.

Silver and Gold Exchange has been structured to ensure the seller receives a fair appraisal by using a 3rd party testing facility. Also, by reducing our overhead and working with a team of buyers who are willing to pay more than refiners, we have been able to continue to pay top prices for silver.

After your silver items are appraised, we send you an offer for your silver coins; you have the option to accept or decline our offer. If you decline, you can arrange to have your items returned to you.

Our commitment to our customers and efforts to making the process of selling silver and gold worry-free and quick payment after an offer is accepted has earned us the trust and confidence of our clients and customers.

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