Sell Silver Coins

Sell silver coins

Anyone choosing to sell silver coins in this economy wants to be sure of a number of vital characteristics about the company with whom they choose to sell to prior to moving forward.

Whether the issue initially is trust, securing an equitable fair trade, or customer satisfaction based on prior testimonials, all of these areas are covered with the Silver and Gold Exchange.

Selling Silver Coins?
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One of the elements that many customers appreciate is the ability to facilitate trades online with the use of PayPal. When it comes to security and convenience, circumstances do not get much easier or safer than they do with PayPal.

PayPal has developed a reputation through first-hand customer experiences and gained consumer confidence as a result. Logically, the partnering agreement between the Silver and Gold Exchange and PayPal enables everyone to sell silver coins this way with inherent peace of mind.

Of course, PayPal is not the only partner organization that instills confidence. The use of USPS for deliveries and a third-party laboratory for evaluation of the precious metal content provides our customers with the best overall trading experience and the most money for their items.

Further proof of this is demonstrated in two very unique ways:

  • First, since we are not a pawnshop, everyone wins due to the fact that we deal directly with collectors and investors who want to want to buy these precious metals and collectible items.
  • Secondly, we include in our website a neutral platform where you can assess what amount you can expect to gain for your silver coins today. Take a look at our Live Price Chart.

Once you have decided to sell silver coins through our brokerage, the buyer of your pieces is notified and billed immediately.  In return, this means that you are paid immediately, and you can avoid the extensive waiting time that you may have experienced with other third-party situations.

Scrolling through the our many testimonials that attest to the ease of this process, as well as the very fair results, it becomes remarkably clear that customer research and experience proves the wisdom of dealing with the Silver and Gold Exchange.

““I had done a lot of research on several companies when trying to decide how to sell my silver pieces. I was very impressed with Silver and Gold Exchange and noted that they are listed with the Better Business Bureau. That gave me confidence in dealing with them. It was so easy to follow their instructions in printing out a packing slip. They responded quickly by email and offered help along the way. I had my appraisal and quote back within a week of sending in my silver. And my check arrived just a few days later. I will definitely use them again in the future.” – Rachel G., Olympia WA

One final thing to keep in mind is the fair deal. Many organizations offer the opportunity to sell precious metals. All intend to make a profit.

Ultimately, ethics and integrity are demonstrated when the customer can see what they expect to gain, know that it can be up to 4 times as much as through a pawn shop, and actually receive what they expected.

Without question, the Silver and Gold Exchange is the best place to sell silver coins with peace of mind.

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