Sell Silver Eagle Coins

Sell Silver Eagle Coins

If you have collected Silver Eagle Coins, you may already know the price of silver today has gone up to more than 100% over the last decade.

Silver Eagle coins are considered one of the most beautifully designed silver coins in the US. Authorized by the US Congress and introduced to the public in 1986 as part of the American Eagle Bullion Program, the Silver Eagle coin was designed from the Walking Liberty Half Dollar, an original design by Adolf A. Weinman in 1916.

This coin is made of 0.999 silver, making it the finest silver coin minted in the United States and a favorite collector’s item of silver coin aficionados

How to determine the value of your Eagle Silver coins?

Selling Silver Eagle Coins?
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If you are planning on selling Silver Eagle coins, its important to first research it’s current market value. Since the coin is .999 fine silver, the condition of the coin doesn’t play a major role in it’s value. Instead, the value of the coin is based on the spot price of silver at the time you are selling.

Silver is still silver. You only need to know the weight of your Silver Eagle Coin to estimate the value of your coin.

The price of silver, just like gold, changes constantly. You can regularly monitor the silver value online to evaluate he best time for selling your Silver Eagle coins.

Where to sell Silver Eagle Coins?

Since you might be searching online about how to sell silver eagle coins, you may come across dealers and auctions online interested in buying your silver. However, prior to making a decision to sell to a specific buyer, learn the value of your coins(s) and spend a little time researching the buyer and their reputation. Unfortunately, there are some fraudulent activity when buying or selling silver and gold, trust is important when selecting a buyer.

Silver and Gold Exchange has been in business for years and we have made it our goal to provide a safe option for people selling their gold and silver valuables.

We have become a leading buyer in the US with an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau and giving our customers the highest rate possible for their valuables.

If you have decided to sell silver eagle coins, do not hesitate to contact Silver and Gold Exchange for more details.

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