Sell Silver and Gold in Canada

Selling your silver and gold in Canada is quick and easy!

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Each day more and more people are flocking into the Canadian market in search of an outlet for selling their gold and/or silver. It is not hard to locate the many “Gold for Cash” “Sell your Silver” signs and advertisements!

However, before you sell your valuable metals, it is advisable to take some precautionary measures so as to ensure that you do not get ripped off by con artists. Having some basic background knowledge on how the gold and silver selling market works could mean the difference between maximizing returns or undervaluing your wares.

Sell Gold and Silver in Canada

Before you sell gold or silver, consider:

What’s the value? To be able to sell your gold or silver for reasonable cash, you will need to determine its value first. You cannot start negotiating on items that you really don’t know their worth. Visiting a local jeweler or a mint is one way to get an appraisal for your gold and silver be they coins, scrap, bullion or jewelry. Most pawn shops also offer services to determine the value of your wares.

If you are tech savvy there are also online services like CoinQuest that will offer appraisal for your gold and silver coins. Just take extra precautions to ensure that whoever is handling your valuables is trustworthy.

What’s the market price? Now that you already have an appraisal for your gold or silver items, the next logical step to take is to find out the price of such items and the current market situation.

It is important to understand that although gold and silver value generally stays constant, the market prices will fluctuate depending on a number of reasons; like supply and demand.

Where to sell? The Better Business Bureau rounds up lists of reputable and reliable gold and silver dealers. Before you commit on who to sell your metals through, it is important to ascertain that they are legitimate dealers and that they have a track record of good business!

Choosing to sell your precious metals online gives you the freedom to investigate the buyer’s reputation through reading other customers’ reviews. You are also more likely to get better offers to maximize your returns.