Selling Silver Tips

Selling Silver Tips

Want to sell silver and confused on how, where, or when to sell your silver?

If your answered to these questions is yes, read on for some simple, easy-to- follow selling silver tips.

1. Make sure your silver pieces are well-maintained.

The value of your silver doesn’t only depend on how old or how rare it is; the condition of your silver pieces also affects the value.

The more polished your silver piece is the better: clean your sterling properly and polish on a regular basis.

Remember that your silver items may have specific requirements when it comes to maintaining them. For instance, a sterling silver spoon can tarnish with latex gloves, and eggs.

2. Know more about your silver.

Before you sell your silver, the basic information you should know are your silver’s:

  • weight
  • manufacturer
  • date of minting or manufacturing, and
  • silver composition

Some silver items’ weight is easy to learn. An example would be silver bullion bars that have the weight marked on the bar itself along with the other information, such as manufacturer and the serial number.

The company that produced your silver could help you find the value of your silver. Prominent names such as Gorham, Engelhard and other famous silver manufacturers may provide you with the best price when selling your silver.

The date of minting for your coins can easily be noted.

For other items like silverware, hallmarks and symbols and knowledge of their meaning are necessary. The older and rarer items will have a higher value. Commemorative series are of higher value as well, especially limited edition coins.

Of course, the composition is important to know. Most old silver coins have 90% silver, sterling silver items have 92.5% and silver bullion bars have 99%.


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3. Find a trustworthy place to sell your silver.

If the shop you’re selling your silver is reputable, you can be confident that your silver items will be in good hands.

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