Where is the Best Place to Sell Scrap Gold?

Sell Scrap Gold

Many people have scrap gold they would like to sell.  Earrings, broken chains, rings, or pins with missing stones are some of the most common items, but don’t know where and how to sell scrap gold.

It’s not difficult to find someplace to sell scrap gold, but if you want to sell scrap gold safely and for what it is truly worth, you will need to do a little homework.

Some choose to sell scrap gold locally, such as to pawn shops or at gold parties hosted at a hotel.  Seldom will you get anywhere near what your items are worth when you choose to sell scrap gold in this manner.  Often, selling scrap gold to a mail-in or online dealer, provided you take the time to find a reputable gold buyer and compare prices to make sure you get the best price every time you sell scrap gold.

Some people feel that it will take too long to sell scrap gold to a mail-in service.  While it is true that some dealers are not in much of a hurry to send you your money, most will have your payment to you in less than ten days.  Since some of them will make payment to your Paypal account when you sell scrap gold to them, you can get your money even faster.

Browse the sites and see what each dealer is willing to guarantee in terms of both price and speed of payment before you decide who to sell scrap gold to.  If it is an open-ended time frame, you might want to find another dealer.

When looking to sell scrap gold online, be sure and check the site carefully for a list of just what the dealer buys.

As a rule, most dealers are not interested in gold plated or gold filled items, so it is a waste of your time to try to sell scrap gold that is filled or plated.

Also, some dealers do not buy gemstones at all, while others only buy diamonds in excess of one carat.  Most prefer that you remove the stones before you send in a package to sell scrap gold.  How they handle the stones varies, depending on who you choose to sell scrap gold to.  Some will trash them, while a few others will return them to you.  Since many will not notify you in advance of what the disposition will be once they have received them, it is important that you determine this before you sell scrap gold to them.

Anyone who wishes needs to know where and how to sell scrap gold should contact us at Silver and Gold Exchange.

We offer live pricing, with amounts updated continuously throughout market hours.

We also have an extensive educational sectional that will tell you everything you need to know about how to sell scrap gold.  Furthermore, we will notify you of how much they can pay for your items as soon as they are assessed, and if you do not want to accept they will arrange shipping to send the items back to you.

By on June 9th, 2010