Where To Sell Silver

where to sell silver

Silver is considered a rarity which many people collect. It could be something simple, such as coins, or something sitting in your attic, such as flatware and jewelry.

What many find difficult is finding where to sell silver and locating a buyer who will help you gain an exponential profit.


Where to sell your silver?

The first answer that may come to your mind is your local pawn shop. Pawn shops can be conveniently found in every urban area.

Another option you may consider could be an antique shop; or, for silver in poor condition, you may look at selling to a neighborhood scrap store.

These simple options are available; however, they may not pay you the right price for your silver. They often lack the proper equipment to evaluate the worth of your silver items, failing to give you the best price for the silver you are selling.

Getting the best price for your silver

If you would like to earn the money you deserve for your silver, it is much better to sell to companies that specialize in buying, selling and trading silver.

At this point, you may be thinking that finding stores and comparing prices is tricky, even tiring.

I almost sold my silver coins at a near by pawn shop before doing so, I checked on-line to see if the amount offered was fair. The Silver and Gold Exchange paid me almost double. They answered all my questions, keep their promises and operate with integrity. – David V., Chino, CA


Sell your Silver

Silver and Gold Exchange follows professional procedure to assess your silver’s authenticity and value. Additionally, Silver and Gold Exchange is Better Business Bureau A+ rated and holds a trustworthy record of integrity and efficiency.

During your journey to find where to sell your silver, don’t forget to do some research.

To avoid receiving unreasonable offers and having your silver under-valued, you should know what you are selling. Research how much your item costs, on average, in the market and get feedback on the shop where you are planning to sell your silver.


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